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Making a Massive Difference

The Mandela Way…

Having started, built and sold multiple companies for many times her investment, sometimes in just mere months, Erna is now on a Mission with her partner Nbaba Mandela to Mentor one Million New African Entrepreneurs to success.


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Private Advice

Priceless Guidance to Power You Past the Finish Line

As a member of multiple advisory boards, Erna shares her most prized and closest-held methods for building profitable businesses that SELL, with the CEOs of established companies and entrepreneurs of up-and- coming businesses.


Due to Erna’s many competing time commitments,
acceptance is highly selective and not guaranteed.

Public Speaking

Captivate, Motivate, ACTIVATE

Erna is a Tier-1 Keynote Business, Fitness and Personal Development Speaker.
Topics can be custom-created and curated to the needs of any audience.

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From Colleagues, Coaching Clients, CEOs, Audiences, Media.


I Spent 2 weeks with Erna whilst doing a business handover; I was left with such a positive feeling, Erna has so much energy and passion for sharing her business knowledge and insights. Her drive to excel and prove that success is the only option is contagious!


Petra-Ann Palframan - Port Elizabeth, South Africa


I had a full day one on one coaching session with Erna and it was so inspirational, she shared so much knowledge, insight, and experience.  She had great vision and ideas for my business and I cannot wait to start implementing them.  It was definitely worth the investment


Elmari Opperman - Cape Town, South Africa


Her stage presence and the sincere honest warm person draw me to her. Not only is she a well-rounded speaker but an excellent coach that listens to her clients' needs and make you feel like the most important person on earth. Her vibrant energy rubs off and I can highly recommend her.  Even coaches need a business coach like Erna


Coach Karl - Cape Town, South Africa


Most entrepreneurs struggle to build a business that won’t fail. Few build one good enough that someone wants to buy it. Erna has built and sold multiple businesses in rapid succession.


Disregard or dismiss her at your own peril…


Jason Gilbert - Global Business Coach


Erna's positive and anything-is-possible attitude together with practical advice makes you take your business to the next level. She coached me to look at my business from a different angle and implement a new approach with clients


Lorette Terry, Company Registration Specialist

The World’s #1 Wealth Coach & Erna’s business partner – JT FOXX


Prominent Media Features, Interviews, Releases, Exposés, Covers

  • Featured on the cover of Fast Company magazine and named South Africa’s top Entrepreneur under 30 for 2017
  • She is representing South Africa at the Africa’s most Influential Woman in Business & Government Awards in 2017
  • She was the first South African woman to be on the cover of the Global Woman Magazine in the UK
  • She is selected as a mentor for the Nelson Mandela 100 year entrepreneurial program starting 2018

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As seen in

erna basson business woman
erna basson get it magazine
erna basson fitness mag
erna basson fast company
erna basson algoa fm
erna basson volksblad
erna basson global woman co
erna basson radio kingfisher

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