Characteristics of a Winner

BY Erna Basson

There is no "I" in success


I would not be able to achieve my goals without the team I have.  I truly am blessed to have an amazing team that I work with and my success is their success, without them I will not be where I am today, I will not be able to achieve what I achieve so for me I see the success as a team effort.  You need to have an amazing team and great support structure that will enable you to achieve your goals.  You need to surround yourself with like minded people, people that supports you and people that has the same vision as you.


You need to have the right mindset and attitude in order to achieve your goals. You need to believe in yourself first before others can believe in you.

Never say no to an opportunity

Success is all about creating opportunities and taking risks. You will learn, that once you say yes to one specific opportunity so many other opportunities will present itself.
Bottomline - Never say no to opportunities, even if you dont know how to do it, say yes to it and figure out later how to do it.

Never give up

Failing does not mean that you have failed, it just means you have  found a way that it won’t work so just shift your focus to a new strategy until it works, but if you quit you have failed.
I have learned to never quit, to never give up on what I want and what I want to achieve.  I am extremely determined, when I put my mind to something I will surpass my goal with massive action. Failure is a learning curve and it is part of success.

Take the focus of yourself

It is never about you, it is about your audience/customer.  It is about how many lives you can change and how many people you can inspire through your message.  Your main purpose is adding value to other people’s lives, what you can do for other people, how you can improve their lives. Once you take the focus of yourself you can serve your customer so much better.

 June 14, 2017
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Erna Basson

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