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When you think about success, what comes to mind? Money? Freedom? Living out your purpose? Driving that car that you have always dreamed off? Success to me means doing what I want, with who I want whenever I want! I have built, grown & sold multiple companies and I want to share my success formula with you to do the same! There is greatness within you, let’s show it to the world.





Mindset, the most powerful tool in the world!  If you can control what you are thinking you will be unstoppable!  How do you wake up every morning?  Are you one of those people that cannot wait to jump out of bed and smash their goals?  Or, are you one of those people that woke up by accident?  I call this the TGIM vs TGIF scenario.  Let me explain this in depth.



This concept was created by the worlds #1 Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas who completely turned his life around.  From a child living on the street to the worlds #1 Motivational Speaker.  What does this concept mean?  We all know when it comes to Sunday evening, most people would start dreading the new week, start complaining immediately and wish they could have their weekend all over again.  That is the complete opposite what TGIM stands for.  TGIM stands for that Monday is finally here and all your goals that you have set for yourself for the new week can finally be achieved

What does TGIF stand for?  Thank God it’s Friday.


( I am sure most of you would have known this)


This concept was created by people who live for the weekend, who cannot wait till the clock strikes 5pm so that they can knock off from work to get the weekend started.
Now, you need to decide what type of person are you.  Are you a TGIM or a TGIF kind of person?  If you are a TGIM kind of person, then well done to you, you are on the right track, throughout the book I will show you on how you can step it up  and take your company to the next level!  If you are a TGIF kind of person, you will have to change your mindset.  You need to stop living for the weekend and start living for the week.  Weekdays is where the magic happens and where the visions you have turn into a reality.  I don’t believe in dreams, I believe in visions.  You are probably wondering what the difference is between dreams and visions, well in short – dreams will not come true because there is no action taking place to achieve that dream, now visions do come true because you have set out a complete action plan for yourself on how to do it.  

Here are 6 tips on how you can change your mindset to embrace Mondays and be the ultimate TGIM Fan!


1.  Surround yourself with positive like-minded people

Who you spend time with, is who you will become!  Have a very close look at who your friends are, are they a reflection of who you want to become, are they the type of people you want to spend time with?  You should never be the most successful person in your circle of friends, why?  Then you stop growing, stop learning and most importantly get comfortable.


2.  Relook at your values

In order to take your life to the next level, you need to relook at your values.  Your current values brought you to where you are today but in order to grow you need to build on new positive values, for example – What time do you wake up?  How much work do you actually do during the day?  How productive are you?  If you want to be the ultimate game changer you need to relook at your values and make sure it is aligned with your new vision


3.  Start living outside of your comfort zone

If you really want to change, if you are really hungry for success then you need to start living outside of your comfort zone.  I know that a comfort zone is a great place but there lies absolutely no growth for you as a person.  Where is the challenge?  As the ultimate entrepreneur, you need to be challenged every day, learn something new every day



4.  Say yes to opportunities

I want you to become the king and queen of saying yes!  Embrace the word “Yes”, start saying “yes” more often.  I have personally undergone a massive change in my life after I started saying yes to opportunities.  I said yes to opportunities that I didn’t even know how to do or I have never done it before.  Guess what, after each of those opportunities  I said yes to, new opportunities surfaced!  Once you start saying yes, your opportunities will be endless



5.  Stop procrastinating

Procrastination – the biggest killer of growth.  Why would you spend so much time on telling yourself why a specific decision or strategy will not work?  As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to make decisions fast and be held accountable for them.  This is what my coach, JT Foxx taught me on making decisions:

  • What is the best that could happen
  • What is the worst that could happen
  • And what is the most likely that can happen
  • 5 4 3 2 1


6.  Follow an influencer

The internet is a magical place, information at your fingertips.  If you would like to keep a positive mindset and outlook on life, you need to feed on positive motivation every day.  Start following influencers on social media and YouTube, some of my favourites to watch is: Erik Thomas and Gary V


The challenge

Your challenge for the week:

  • I want you to start networking with people more successful than you
  • Say yes to opportunities
  • Live outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn something new
  • Apply your
  • Decision-making rules in all the decisions you make
  • Watch 1 x motivational video daily (minimum)
 May 31, 2017
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